The correct number and size of LCDs is determined by several factors:

• Menu content (the number of categories, items, descriptions and price points)

• Graphic elements (the space requirements for food photography, logos, etc.)

• Legibility based on the proximity and line of sight to the LCDs for the first and last persons in line

• Typical customer age range

• Lighting

• Installation requirements and site conditions



Epicure Digital sells Samsung commercial grade LED LCDs with exceptional viewing angles, color and resolution. These are not consumer grade HD TVs. These LCDs are sealed to protect their electronics from grease, food particulates and steam, all common in a food service environment, and come with three-year factory warranties for up to 16 or 24 hours of average daily use. You are free to purchase these LCDs from any third party, but we reserve the right to match any bona fide offer.


Samsung SSSP LED LCDs include built-in networking connections and the Samsung Smart Signage Platform software and hardware for making each LCD its own media player. Each SSSP LCD is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core system-on-chip with 2.5GB DDR3 & 8GB FDM. It provides a powerful streamlined solution for receiving and displaying its content, reducing the need for a separate media player and reducing the total cost of ownership in digital signage deployments through savings in hardware installation and operating costs.


Samsung DB Series SSSP LCDs for 16 hours average daily use

10" Model 9.7" X 6.5" X .98"

22” Model 20.0" X 12.3" X 2.27"

32" Model 28.4" X 16.5" X 2.0"

40" Model 35.7" X 20.7" X 2.0"

48” Model 42.3" X 24.4" X 2.0"

55" Model 48.4" X 27.8" X 2.0"


Samsung DM Series SSSP LCDs for 24 hours average daily use

32" Model 28.4" X 16.5" X 2.0"

40" Model 35.7" X 20.7" X 2.0"

48" Model 42.3" X 24.4" X 2.0"

55" Model 48.4" X 27.8" X 2.0"

65" Model 57.8" x 33.4" x 2.2"




Standard 3 Year Warranty

Each Samsung LCD comes with a three-year onsite replacement warranty. If an LCD becomes defective, Samsung will send a replacement LCD to your property within three business days. You will be responsible for taking the defective LCD down and remounting the replacement.


White Glove Fast Track Next Business Day Onsite Warranty

If you select the optional White Glove Fast Track Extended Support Program, Samsung will send a replacement LCD and a technician to your property within one business day to replace the defective panel. Note that there will be charges for any units above 8 feet, e.g. lift and extra man charges.




Peerless-AV and Chief Commercial-Grade Wall and Ceiling Mounts

LCDs are typically installed on walls or suspended from above, with either fixed or tilting mounting brackets. Wall brackets range in cost from approximately $50 to $190. Suspended ceiling brackets range from approximately $100 to $450. When we know your site conditions, we will specify the appropriate brackets.



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